Family forestry in Norway through the eyes of the “Forest queen” – Jannicke Modell Røhmen

 Organizing forest owners, especially women in Norway has had great influence in creating a sustainable forest industry. Local forest cooperatives have also led to closer and constructive communication with the government, resulting in positive development of the forest industry throughout the country.

65 years old Nepalese manages model farm

Forest and family forestry is a significant source of income for families in Nepal

Ogiek gives face to Kenyan Forest

"Removing a community inside the forest, is like removing fish from the water", Wilson Memusi,Ogiek Elder,Kenya

Family Forestry Faces Project

Family forestry is not only the forest, but the people who lives in and lives of the forestry as well.

The Inspiring Story of Felix Finkbeiner Planegg/Germany

We are never too young to teach a lesson nor too old to learn one…
Have you heard about Felix Finkbeiner from Bavaria/Germany?

Mikael and Heli, practicians of multiple use forestry

From Helsinki 100 km east you find the town of Lovisa, an area with active agriculture and forestry. One of the many tenders of the privately owned, beautiful rural landscapes in that region is Mikael Nygård (47) on his farm.

The impressing story of the family von Alvensleben

Since centuries the family von Alvensleben is known for their strong ties to their forestland possessions near the city of Magdeburg/Germany.

Issues of Family Forestry

During 2017 IFFA will gather together information on special issues of interest for family forestry and followers of forest and farm producer organisation.

Sustainable forestry at home and abroad – Norwegian case

Forestry and forest based industry is important to Norway. Both Norwegian authorities, forest owners and the industry are committed to manage the forests sustainably. Forest owners, through their cooperatives, have taken the initiative to voluntary conservation, certification and sustainable management of the forests. 


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  • Canadian forest and climate change video

    A sustainable managed forest can have stable carbon stocks while at the same time providing energy, products and meet society’s needs.

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