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Lack of rights increase emissions

New studies suggest that lack of meaningful land rights play a key role in conflicts and increase carbon emissions, RRI reports.

New research released at the opening of the high-level forestry conference in Lombok, Indonesia, indicates that lack of rights play a role in increased carbon emissions in Indonesian forest.

The high-level conference was opened 12th July by Vice President Boediono. The research released at the conference suggests that Asia's largest forest nation is paying a high price for failing to give local communities enforceable rights to contested forests, causing significant economic losses owing to its highly undervalued forestland, and leading it to lose out to regional competitors.

Previous research by RRI and others has shown that where Indigenous Peoples and forest communities are given control of forestlands, they are better stewards than governments. A study released by RRI confirms this finding, suggesting that granting greater control to local forest communities has been a vital element in the turn-around accomplished by China, South Korea, Vietnam and India, which in the last 20 years have had significant success with restoring vast areas of forest.

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