Peter deMarsh re-elected

Peter deMarsh Canada was re-elected as chair at the Annual Meeting 2013 of the International Family Forestry Alliance (IFFA) in Rovaniemi, Finland, 11th December 2013.

  • Published: 14.12.2013
  • Published by: Ivar Legallais-Korsbakken
     Re-elected IFFA Board Member, from right: Chair Peter deMarsh, Vice-chair Lennart Ackzell and Janne Näräkkä
    From left: FAO forest director Eduardo Rojas-Briales and IFFA chair Peter deMarsh

    The Annual Meeting followed the published agenda (See Annual Meeting Agenda and documents).

    The Agenda was adopted and the minutes from the Annual Meeting 2012 approved. The Chair gave a report on the activities in 2013, where IFFA increasingly was recognised as leading stakeholder at the arenas of international forestry politics. The Work Plan 2014 was approved. The Work Plan specify the planned activities and events where IFFA will be the international voice of family. IFFA has high expectations regarding the development of the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) situated in the FAO headquarters.

    The Annual Meeting decided to keep the membership fee at the same level, but encourage the members to make voluntary contributions to specified IFFA projects, like improving communication and

     Winter atmosphere at the venue Rovaniemi in Finland

    FAO and PEFC

    During the Annual Meeting the audience listened to a special presentation by the FAO forestry director Eduardo Rojas-Briales. He gave his view on the forestry challenges, the work of FAO forestry division and the work plans of the Forest and Farm Facility.

    Thorsten Arndt from PEFC International presented the development of PEFC pilot projects in Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, where IFFA is one of the international partners. (Link to PEFC Pilot Project report).


    The Annual Meeting approved the nominations. In the election Chair Peter deMarsh (Canada) and the Vice-chair Lennart Ackzell (Sweden) was re-elected. Re-elected was as well the treasurer Lorenz Freiherr Klein von Wisenberg (Germany) and the board members Janne Näräkkä (Finland) and Dominic Walubengo (Kenya). As a new board member, was elected Manuel Garcia Gonzales (Conosil in Mexico).

     Re-elected IFFA Chair Peter deMarsh. Canada New Board Member Manuel Garcia Gonzales, Mexico

    The nominations committee was re-elected: Jan Søndergaard (Denmark), Tony Rotherham (Canada) and Felix Montecuccoli (Austria).

    Members reports

    At the end of the Annual Meeting members reported on special challenges and opportunities in their county. Erno Järvinen, MTK Finland, presented a new electronic system for marketing and buying wood. With the assistance of Forest Management Associations, the forest owners can put their offers at the market and make contact with buyers in order to start direct negotiations. (Link to Finnish wood marked system)

    Erik Kosenkranius, Estonia, presented the recent changes in forestry related laws and regulations, which are very favourable for the forest owners and family forestry.
    The venue of the Annual Meeting 2014 will be decided later in the year. The intention is to organise the annual meeting in conjunction with another main international forestry event.

     From the IFFA Annual Meeting 2013 in The State Forest Forestry House, Pilke,  in Rovaniemi


    Other news

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    - Governments must provide financing, reduce legal barriers, recognise legal rights, improve land tenure, promote education and fairly implement laws in due consideration of local people.


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