IFFA presentation at COFO

At the FAO COFO meeting in Rome Lennart Ackzell, presented, on behalf of IFFA, the global partnership between the Three Rights Holders Group and the cooperation with the Growing Forest Partnership.

  • Published: 10.10.2010
  • Published by: Ivar Legallais-Korsbakken
  • Lennart Ackzell giving the IFFA presentation (Photo: Tullia Baldassarri)

    During the FAO's Committee on Forestry and World Forest Week in Rome 4-8 October the Growing Forest Partnership arranged a session "GFP in Action".

    The International Family forestry Alliance, IFFA, was invited to talk in general on the global policy partnership between the Right Holders Group. In his IFFA presentation Lennart Ackzell also shed some light on IFFA members’ activities in Kenya, Ethiopia and Vietnam. Besides IFFA, the GFP "in country work" in Mozambique was presented as well as investments in local forestry based on the Forest Dialogue held in London in May earlier this year.

    The presentation was positively received and upon request video statements from IFFA to both IIED website and FAO website were delivered.

    The IFFA COFO presentation

    From the "GFP in action" session: First row from left. Organisers Laura Schweitzer Meins FAO, Liz Carlile IIED, Sophie Grouwels and Jerker Thunberg, FAO, Chris Buss, IUCN
    Second row speakers: Alda Salomao, Lennart Ackzell and Dominic Elson
    (Photo:  Satu Lantianinen)

    IISD summary

    The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) reporting service gave the following summary of the “GFP in Action” session:

    GROWING FOREST PARTNERSHIPS: On Thursday, Sophie Grouwels, FAO, chaired the session and explained that Growing Forest Partnerships (GFP) is an initiative that was launched in February 2009 by IUCN, the International Institute for Environment and Development, FAO and the World Bank, designed to build international and local networks to enhance the local control and sustainable management of forests. Alda Salomão, Centro Terra Viva, described a project involving two forest communities in Mozambique, one of several GFP pilot countries. She noted that GFP has helped communities engage with and influence Mozambique’s national REDD Strategy.

    Lennart Ackzell, Federation of Swedish Family Forest Owners, said that GFP has played an influential role in the ability of his organization to advance its goals, and has enabled the creation of a “Rights-Holders Group” composed of the International Alliance for Indigenous and Tribal Peoples of Tropical Forests, the Global Alliance for Community Forests and the International Family Forest Alliance. He noted the need to disaggregate the term “forest investment,” noting that while investment can benefit locally-controlled forestry, often it does not.

    Dominic Elson, advisor to the Government of Indonesia, described the barriers that need to be overcome in order to link community-based and small-scale forest management with investors. He cautioned that this type of forestry risks being shuffled into a firm’s “corporate social responsibility ghetto” and given low priority, and that interested groups must make the business case for it to be considered a valuable asset. Noting that many NGOs bemoan the “failure” of the concession model of forestry, he argued that concessions do exactly what they are intended to do—produce large amounts of timber as cheaply as possible—and that it is up to the low-impact forest sector to distinguish itself from this large-scale industrial model.

    Link to the IISD COFO summary

    Other news

    Peter deMarsh air Flight victim

    Published: 10.04.2019

    On Sunday the 9 of Marsh 2019 died in the crash of an air flight between Addis Abeba and Nairobi on his way to an IFFA conference on Family Forestry and Climate Change.


    Peter deMarsh was President of the International Family Forest Alliance IFFA, since 2011.

    IFFA pushes for sustainability

    Published: 01.06.2018

    IFFA’s work shows how family forest owners and smallholders play an essential role in collaboration with other major groups to push for sustainability in international forest politics.

    Committed to international communication

    Published: 18.05.2018

    IFFA is committed to the development and implementation of international communication strategies.

    This was the main message when IFFA chair Peter deMarsh addressed the United Nations Forum on forests. The 13th session of the forum was held in New York 7 to 11 May 2018.


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