Contact details for IFFA, Board and secretariat

Adresses, telephones, e-mails and Skype

  • Published: 10.11.2015
  • Published by: Ivar Legallais-Korsbakken
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  •     IFFA Board Login

     Postal address:
     Forestry House, 66 Rue de Luxembourg
     B-1000, Belgium


    The IFFA Board

    Peter de Marsh (Chair)
    tlfph: +1 506 367 2503


    Lennart Ackzell (Vice chair)
    tlph: +46 8 787 58 94
    mob: +46 707 88 41 78
    Satu-Marja Tenhiälä
    tlph: +358 40 508 4477

    Dominic Walubengo
    mob: +254721368513

    Lorenz Freiherr Klein von Wisenberg
    tlph: +49 8733 9387101
    mob: +49 171 2825556

    Manuel Garcia Gonzáles
    tlph: +52 81 8391 9972

    Jog Raj Giri
    tlph. +977 9851141293
    Johannes Kyrle
    +43 676 7014888













    Ellen Alfsen
    tlfph: +47 909 31 965
    Skype: ellen.alfsen





    Brussels contact
    Forestry House, 66 Rue de Luxembourg
    B-1000, Belgium

    Emma Berglund
    +32 471 13 96 28



     Nomination Committee

    Felix Montecuccoli
    Mob: +436644332771  

    Olivier Bertrand
    Tlfph: +33.147203632

    Marc-André Côté
    Tlfph: +1 (450) 67905308200  



    Web editor

    Ivar Legallais-Korsbakken
    tlfph: +47.23223870
    Mob: +47.90036471
    Skype: ivar.legallais.korsbakken






    Other news

    Over 150 In IFFA Africa 2 Forest Producer Conference

    Published: 12.11.2017

    Second Pan-African forest and farm producer organisations conference on exchanging experiences on business, innovation, youth and gender took place in Morogoro, Tanzania 28-29th of September 2017. 

    Declaration from the Africa 2 Conference

    Published: 11.11.2017

    The Africa 2 Forest Producer organisation conference in Tanzania 28-19 September 2017 approved a declaration by acclamation.

    The declaration contains commitments by the participants and their call for action from governments and international partner organisations.

    Family Forestry Faces

    Published: 10.11.2017

    Family Forestry Faces Project

    Family forestry is not only the forest, but the people who lives in and lives of the forestry as well.

    Behind every forest there is families and faces. IFFA will expose some of the faces in family forestry, community forestry and among indigenous peoples in order for others to better understand the vital combination of forest and peoples in and of the forest.


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    A sustainable managed forest can have stable carbon stocks while at the same time providing energy, products and meet society’s needs.

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